Thursday, April 13, 2006

List Of Forty

Part One. Every year around Lent, I do a "List Of Forty". Forty things I want to accomplish to be a better person, be kinder, use my gifts, take care of myself, be less of a burden, or prepare. Sometimes these things are simple, like get the oil changed and sometimes they are more complicated, like "Listen, set aside my own stuff, really pay attention". It also includes I'd like to give up. This year, my list got changed half-way through by my knee injury. So here's my revised version, and I'm starting all over, though we're nearly at Easter.

Hey, I'm a kinda-sorta Agnostic With Oddly Catholic Leanings. What do you expect?

I'm not going to share all of them, but here's a sampling:
Research and implement three ways to save energy/gas.
Take my asthma meds daily. (I often forget.)
Paint my paint by number Tiger.
Get the oil changed.
File my taxes.
Try implementing the Buck book lessons.
Write three positive book reviews.
Consider my expectations, and lower them when they are too high.
Submit recipes to Taste Of Home.
Keep on budget.
Fertilize my garden every Sunday.