Friday, April 15, 2005

Yeah Yeah Yeah

Got a ton to do this morning. But did I? No. I spent about an hour and a half answering an email about IBD. But that was a nice thing to do, eh? Still doesn't get me out of the freaking rest of my to-do list. So!

To the heart of it:

  • Write a bunch of pages in a rush, because I love to do that. But not until after lunch.
  • Get some good lunch--maybe Phad Thai. Should cost similar to the Chinese and it would have leftovers. Or eat what's in the freezer and try for Phad Thai for supper. Sigh. Or just succumb to Chinese. Dunno.
  • Do a bunch with Excel. Write some stuff up for the Asst. Dean.
  • Send home all of my newly written pages.
  • Pack my book on drafting shtuff?
  • Pack library books.
  • Clean my office and generally conquer all sorts of things on my work to do list. Including Making A Work To DO list! Hah!

Must go do some of this, right now!


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