Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Today's simple goals:
Sniffer* walk.
Finish writing report.
Keeping other people's dirty feet out of my mind.
And...Sunshine at the end of the day.

*My word for a Turid Rugaas sort of walk, with much doggie freedom, long leash, free to sniff, etc.

Argh moments included the Acura not starting for a sec'. Very anxiety inducing. Also, got almost no sleep last night because Mr. Intensity has been stressed and when he is stressed, he pees, often. Often at 3 AM. Then I had to get up early, and blah blah blah. Tonight, he gets oatmeal and leftover cooked beef and veggies. Sigh. Must make dogfood. Must exercise. Must do more stuff. Sleeep calls me. But first I must write my report.


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