Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Simple Goals

I gotta get clearer.


Train Marlowe.

  1. Heeling.
  2. Place.
  3. Games/Ttouch.

Work the Beautiful Bark.

  1. Finish collars and mice for trip to MN.
  2. Investigate digital cameras and web stuff.
  3. Make more collars over the weekend: goal 15 cut and ironed.


  1. Write a bunch of pages.
  2. Research and play with generators.
  3. Reread all of Nicky's story.


  1. Take calcium, vitamins, and water.
  2. Do weight work with modified pyramid rather than full (ouch!) twice more this week.
  3. Do yoga once this week: Sacred Sweat. (Very good for the lungs.)
  4. Do guided imagery before sleep.
  5. Pick snacks to take to work, even if they are semi-evil cookies they beat totally evil potato chips.


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