Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Saving The World One Load Of Laundry At A Time

So I've been depressed lately. It's all that bad news that I can't control. I've done the usual, write to my represenatives, senators, and newspapers.

But that isn't enough.

So I developed this list. It's helping.

Make food for others.

Clean with warm soapy water.

Put stuff away.

Pick up trash in the neighborhood.

Water plants, plant flowers.

Tell a funny story.

Give unwanted items to charity.

Clean out a closet, a box, drawer, bookshelf.

Pay off a debt.

Walk Marlowe.

Tell a worthwhile story.

Make something beautiful: decorate an office, a corner, a pony, a bookcase.

Give a surprise gift: flowers, books, chocolate.

Clean out a car: wash vinyl with Lysol, vacuum carpet, brush seats, wash and wax exterior, Windex windows.

Put something cheerful and beautiful on a door where others can see it.

Clean a common space.

Light candles, bring scents to work, use aromatherapy.

Remove visual distractions.

Buy, give, or recommend new dog toys.

Organize a small section of chaos, such as a junk drawer.

Say a prayer.

Balance a checkbook to the last penny.

Set up or verify life insurance, health insurance, disability insurance, and wills.

Send a cheerful card to someone.

Donate to Heifer, Habitat For Humanity, or similar organization.

Visit a church or library and enjoy a quiet talk with a spirit.

Send a thank you note, quite unexpectedly.

Eat quality, wholesome food instead of junk.

Say please, thank you, and excuse me.

Let someone cut in front of you in traffic.

Improve grammar in your own letters or memos--ignore the grammar faults of others.

Drink water.

Consolidate errands to save fuel, reduce pollution, and cut down on stress.

Tell the truth and let it go.

Give ten more smiles than you normally would.

Spend less than necessary.

Ask someone to take responsibility for their actions.

Put flowers on the table and beer in the fridge.

Choose environmentally sound cleaners, detergents, paper, containers, and trash bags at least once per year.

Switch to decaf and buy only fair trade.

Shop at a locally owned business, a regionally owned socially conscious business, or choose not to shop.

Lend a book to a friend.

Play with a dog or a kid for fifteen minutes.

Learn someone's name.

Let go of an unnecessary, onerous project--at least for now.

Create space for new and wonderful books, clothes, food.

Choose humanely raised meat.

Give up a prejudice.


Relax with music, exercise, dance, books.

Scrub the porch and front walk.

Print neatly with black ink.

Shut off the tap while brushing your teeth.

Install or update anti-virus software.

Get enough sleep.

Make good on a promise.

Regrout the bathroom, fix a leaky sink, repair holes in a linoleum floor.

Have faith.


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