Thursday, April 13, 2006

List Of Forty

Part One. Every year around Lent, I do a "List Of Forty". Forty things I want to accomplish to be a better person, be kinder, use my gifts, take care of myself, be less of a burden, or prepare. Sometimes these things are simple, like get the oil changed and sometimes they are more complicated, like "Listen, set aside my own stuff, really pay attention". It also includes I'd like to give up. This year, my list got changed half-way through by my knee injury. So here's my revised version, and I'm starting all over, though we're nearly at Easter.

Hey, I'm a kinda-sorta Agnostic With Oddly Catholic Leanings. What do you expect?

I'm not going to share all of them, but here's a sampling:
Research and implement three ways to save energy/gas.
Take my asthma meds daily. (I often forget.)
Paint my paint by number Tiger.
Get the oil changed.
File my taxes.
Try implementing the Buck book lessons.
Write three positive book reviews.
Consider my expectations, and lower them when they are too high.
Submit recipes to Taste Of Home.
Keep on budget.
Fertilize my garden every Sunday.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Bunch o' stuff

Finished report. Much rejoicing.
Cleared/organized desk.
Now timesheets.
Then breaks for drafting (coupla per hour).
Then training, equipment, tasks, list creation interspersed.

Rewards and/or whatevers:
Create list of stuff to buy or make including dog harness
Read through some old review stuff
Research fear article

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Done with report. Must finish other stuff, clean the desk. Rest my eyes, before rewriting and reviewing.

Today's simple goals:
Sniffer* walk.
Finish writing report.
Keeping other people's dirty feet out of my mind.
And...Sunshine at the end of the day.

*My word for a Turid Rugaas sort of walk, with much doggie freedom, long leash, free to sniff, etc.

Argh moments included the Acura not starting for a sec'. Very anxiety inducing. Also, got almost no sleep last night because Mr. Intensity has been stressed and when he is stressed, he pees, often. Often at 3 AM. Then I had to get up early, and blah blah blah. Tonight, he gets oatmeal and leftover cooked beef and veggies. Sigh. Must make dogfood. Must exercise. Must do more stuff. Sleeep calls me. But first I must write my report.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Yeah Yeah Yeah

Got a ton to do this morning. But did I? No. I spent about an hour and a half answering an email about IBD. But that was a nice thing to do, eh? Still doesn't get me out of the freaking rest of my to-do list. So!

To the heart of it:

  • Write a bunch of pages in a rush, because I love to do that. But not until after lunch.
  • Get some good lunch--maybe Phad Thai. Should cost similar to the Chinese and it would have leftovers. Or eat what's in the freezer and try for Phad Thai for supper. Sigh. Or just succumb to Chinese. Dunno.
  • Do a bunch with Excel. Write some stuff up for the Asst. Dean.
  • Send home all of my newly written pages.
  • Pack my book on drafting shtuff?
  • Pack library books.
  • Clean my office and generally conquer all sorts of things on my work to do list. Including Making A Work To DO list! Hah!

Must go do some of this, right now!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Done and more

Here's what I got done today:
Games with Marlowe and a walk (to park and up stairs)
Made the last blue collar, made three toys and finished another
Finished my taxes
Cancelled my class (no time for that now)
Talked with my boss about next projects/current projects

Here's what I still need to do:
Mail the taxes
Bunch of new pages
Clear out my emails--answer, delete, act on
Write up a rough draft RSTF report for Scott & Co.
Finish a bunch of equipment related stuff
Send Mom an email about groceries

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Simple Goals

I gotta get clearer.


Train Marlowe.

  1. Heeling.
  2. Place.
  3. Games/Ttouch.

Work the Beautiful Bark.

  1. Finish collars and mice for trip to MN.
  2. Investigate digital cameras and web stuff.
  3. Make more collars over the weekend: goal 15 cut and ironed.


  1. Write a bunch of pages.
  2. Research and play with generators.
  3. Reread all of Nicky's story.


  1. Take calcium, vitamins, and water.
  2. Do weight work with modified pyramid rather than full (ouch!) twice more this week.
  3. Do yoga once this week: Sacred Sweat. (Very good for the lungs.)
  4. Do guided imagery before sleep.
  5. Pick snacks to take to work, even if they are semi-evil cookies they beat totally evil potato chips.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Saving The World One Load Of Laundry At A Time

So I've been depressed lately. It's all that bad news that I can't control. I've done the usual, write to my represenatives, senators, and newspapers.

But that isn't enough.

So I developed this list. It's helping.

Make food for others.

Clean with warm soapy water.

Put stuff away.

Pick up trash in the neighborhood.

Water plants, plant flowers.

Tell a funny story.

Give unwanted items to charity.

Clean out a closet, a box, drawer, bookshelf.

Pay off a debt.

Walk Marlowe.

Tell a worthwhile story.

Make something beautiful: decorate an office, a corner, a pony, a bookcase.

Give a surprise gift: flowers, books, chocolate.

Clean out a car: wash vinyl with Lysol, vacuum carpet, brush seats, wash and wax exterior, Windex windows.

Put something cheerful and beautiful on a door where others can see it.

Clean a common space.

Light candles, bring scents to work, use aromatherapy.

Remove visual distractions.

Buy, give, or recommend new dog toys.

Organize a small section of chaos, such as a junk drawer.

Say a prayer.

Balance a checkbook to the last penny.

Set up or verify life insurance, health insurance, disability insurance, and wills.

Send a cheerful card to someone.

Donate to Heifer, Habitat For Humanity, or similar organization.

Visit a church or library and enjoy a quiet talk with a spirit.

Send a thank you note, quite unexpectedly.

Eat quality, wholesome food instead of junk.

Say please, thank you, and excuse me.

Let someone cut in front of you in traffic.

Improve grammar in your own letters or memos--ignore the grammar faults of others.

Drink water.

Consolidate errands to save fuel, reduce pollution, and cut down on stress.

Tell the truth and let it go.

Give ten more smiles than you normally would.

Spend less than necessary.

Ask someone to take responsibility for their actions.

Put flowers on the table and beer in the fridge.

Choose environmentally sound cleaners, detergents, paper, containers, and trash bags at least once per year.

Switch to decaf and buy only fair trade.

Shop at a locally owned business, a regionally owned socially conscious business, or choose not to shop.

Lend a book to a friend.

Play with a dog or a kid for fifteen minutes.

Learn someone's name.

Let go of an unnecessary, onerous project--at least for now.

Create space for new and wonderful books, clothes, food.

Choose humanely raised meat.

Give up a prejudice.


Relax with music, exercise, dance, books.

Scrub the porch and front walk.

Print neatly with black ink.

Shut off the tap while brushing your teeth.

Install or update anti-virus software.

Get enough sleep.

Make good on a promise.

Regrout the bathroom, fix a leaky sink, repair holes in a linoleum floor.

Have faith.